“Coveted, SECRET ‘Productivity Framework’ Developed by 8-Figure Consulting Company Helps Clients Multiply Output And Reduce Time”
For the first time ever, how coaches, consultants & service providers are creating razor sharp clarity and energy WITHOUT working harder or burning themselves out.
Dear Expert,

Imagine for just a minute you have too much to do and not enough time to get it all done…

What’s that?

“Don’t have to ‘imagine’ it’,” you say?

“I am there all the time,” you say?

Good news, then…

This letter is going to do two things for you:

  • First, it’s going to radically alter HOW you get things done — clients of this system report cognitive enhancing output (like the ‘Limitless’ drug, only no side effects or life threatening addictions lol)
  • Second, it’s going to allow you to achieve more, and actually be LESS BUSY (by highlighting your prolific priorities & erasing the low-pay-off tasks that you shouldn’t be doing anyways)
Sound good?

Well, then picture for a moment you need to complete all of the following within the next 4 weeks…
  • Write 400 pages of content
  •  Record 4x 90 minute video trainings
  •  Record 4 new podcast episodes
  •  Setup daily sales appointments
  •  Write daily emails to your list
  •  Write daily Facebook posts
  •  Do Facebook Lives each week
  •  Write 2 different monthly subscription newsletters
  •  And a whole lotta client fulfillment
If your first impulse is to lean away thinking, "No thank you! That sounds HORRIBLE!”

Or you break out in a cold sweat at just the THOUGHT of it.

I get it.

Not long ago that would’ve sent me racing in the opposite direction.

But there’s no denying this one simple fact:

To create wealth, freedom and impact for you and your family - you need to be able to consistently get important, “needle-moving” activities DONE in your business.

And while it once seemed impossible, that list you just read above is now a fairly typical month for me…

Without overwhelm. Without working late. And without offloading any of those tasks to other people.

And I’m not the only one...

My team members and clients are now seeing the same level of results - unlocking new levels of output and achievement for every single one of them…

But it didn’t happen by accident...
When We Started Our Business…
We Didn’t Know It Would Nearly Kill Us!
“Dude, I’m just trying not to die!”

I’m Taylor Welch… and that’s what my business partner, Chris Evans, said to me one evening just 12 short months ago.

We were 2 years into running our coaching and consulting business - Traffic and Funnels…

And while we’d grown fast over that time through a lot of hard work (at that point we’d just cleared $500k in monthly revenue)...

We’d hit our breaking point. And it now all felt like the hardest thing in the world.

The demands of our business had skyrocketed...

...and we were DROWNING in it.

Our capacity to produce had dropped through the floor.

We had all these goals, projects in the pipeline… but weren’t making ANY of them happen no matter how hard we tried.

We had NO creative output. We could barely produce a thing...

My only achievement that month was writing ONE 8 page subscription letter...

And that’s pretty much it.

But even worse, we were practically running away from our own business...
When you start looking to RETREAT in your business - that’s a major red flag!
And “retreat” is exactly what we were doing...
  • We were constantly taking days off (even weeks on a few occasions)... just to deal with the burnout.
  •  So many things were falling through the cracks. Constant fires. Fulfillment was on the verge of falling apart.
  •  Massive inefficiencies all throughout our business.
  •  And because we weren’t there half the time, our team wasn’t able to perform well either (after all, it all starts at the top).
    The funny thing is, before this point, we thought we were focused, we thought we were productive - heck, our methods were better than most entrepreneurs...

    But when faced with the growing demands, it all collapsed.

    It got to the point where...
    Jay Abraham Had To Talk
    Us Down
    From The Ledge
    I remember Chris and I getting on the phone with our business mentor, Jay Abraham…

    And the first thing out of his mouth was...

    “Are you guys okay?!”

    He could sense it in our voices immediately…

    The anxiety…
    The stress…
    The complete and total overwhelm.

    Now, here’s an important point:

    Entrepreneurs are never quite satisfied. We’re always striving for that next level - more income, better clients, greater impact...

    So when you have these massive goals, but you’re at a place where you’re NOT hitting them...

    Where you’re not accomplishing what you set out to do...

    It really screws you up.

    Chris and I let so many things that weren’t a priority… things that shouldn’t have gotten in front of us at all...

    We let them completely derail us and steer us off course.

    And it ended up being very costly (it easily cost us seven figures).

    That’s when a whole host of dangerous questions start to enter your mind. Questions like...
    Should I just quit?! Am I
    even doing the right thing?”
    We were pushed to the point where we started having conversations like...

    “I dunno, maybe we should just pull back. Maybe we’re okay at just 100k/month.”

    But after our chat with Jay, one thing was blindingly clear - this was make or break. We had to make the decision:
    Either Drop Our Ambition And Settle
    For Less
    Than We Were Capable…

    ...Or Figure Out A Way To
    Tap Unbeatable New Levels Of Productivity, Clarity, Focus… and Revenue
    We opted for the latter.

    And I’m glad we did, because while it took months and months of trial and error…

    ...building upon foundations laid by some of the smartest, most productive people alive...

    By Fall of last year we were at a level unlike ever before...

    Finishing projects, hitting our goals, and accomplishing things at a pace we never believed was possible.

    Best of all, things have only improved from there (we’re actually AHEAD on our goals now).

    And today, you have the opportunity to do the same in you business

    But first, it’s worth considering how your current level of productivity, output and focus is serving you...

    ...Are you doing what you say you’re going to do?
    ...Are you finishing things that move the needle?
    ...Are you losing your freedom because you keep falling behind?

    Let’s face it, if you’re still with me you know it’s not nearly at the level it could be.

    In fact...

    Here’s how it shows up for most coaches, consultants and service providers:

    • Working 10, 12, even 18 hours days and having nothing left over for those you care about most
    •  Working Saturdays and Sundays simply because there’s no other way to keep up
    •  Working on a million different things and never really knowing if anything was moving forward or not
    •  Missing goals consistently - or repeatedly pushing out the timeline for their achievement because you keep falling short
    •  Spinning your wheels and getting nowhere - even when you put in the sweat and tears
    •  Losing confidence in your ability to actually get things done… and then lowering what you expect of yourself
    •  Stopping yourself from aiming high and taking smart “risks” because you don’t trust your own ability to follow through
    •  Feeling overwhelmed, out of control, or like you’re drowning with all the things you need to do
    •  Having a difficult time staying on track each day
    •  Escaping the pressure through days off, distraction and doing things that don’t matter
    •  Slipping into “feast and famine” cycles because you’re exhausted trying to juggle client fulfillment with marketing yourself and closing new clients
    •  Making decisions from a place of fear
    •  Looking back 3 months (or longer) and realizing you haven’t actually made any worthwhile progress
    What’s Worse Is, There’s An
    Even Greater Risk We All Face…
    We’re in the greatest economy the world has ever seen. And right now, it’s VERY forgiving…

    Meaning you can run a business, make a lot of mistakes, and move at a more casual pace.

    But understand this:

    If you can’t correctly manage your priorities, your energy, and your time… and get the right things completed…

    Then when the economy “corrects” in the next couple years, if not the next few months...

    Suddenly what worked before will no longer cut it. Things are going to get a LOT tougher and the sad truth is - not everyone will be able to adapt.

    How are you gonna have your wits about you to make non-emotional decisions?

    Entrepreneurs are going to desperately scramble to play catch up, and it won’t be pretty.

    At that point, the only thing on their to-do list will be:
    • Get a JOB again ;’(
    But when it comes down to it, this isn’t just about “being productive”...
    The Truth Is, No One REALLY Just
    Wants To Be “Productive”...
    Instead, they want what being productive GIVES them.

    And if you ask me, it all comes down to one thing:

    •  When you can finish things consistently… you have control.
    •  When you can predictably hit your goals… you have control.
    •  When you can afford to take time away from your business without it slipping into chaos… you have control.
    Control over your time. Control over your emotions. Control over your wealth.

    When you have that kind of power in your life - business is a lot more fun.

    But when you have no control?

    To put it frankly, you’re going to be miserable. You’re going to be stressed out, anxious and practically guaranteed to slip into a tailspin - one that’s very hard to pull out of.

    The good news is…

    The productivity philosophy and framework we were forced to develop for ourselves is already working miracles for experts, coaches and consultants.
    I Wish I Had This System Back When We Started Traffic and Funnels
    Jay has told us several times how impressed he is with the rate of our growth but having this system would have accelerated our growth even more.

    And it's not that we didn't try out a whole lot of stuff...

    The reality is, there are some decent planners, books and systems out there. You’ve probably tried some of them, maybe you even use one right now…

    But at the end of the day, how many really cut it?

    For me, after trying everything I could get my hands on over the years - the answer was none of them.

    At least not when it comes to making worthwhile things happen in your business.

    But the truth is…

    Sometimes you don’t know a new level exists until you’ve witnessed it for yourself...

    I remember having this Evernote setup where I thought I was super-organized and productive…

    Looking back now…

    It sucked!

    Compared to today, I was accomplishing a small fraction of what I was capable… and was working much harder for it.

    And look, no one’s going to tell you otherwise - being an entrepreneur IS hard work.

    But many people are struggling FAR more than they should be.
    If you’re overwhelmed, stressed or anxious all the time, you’re probably doing it wrong.
    The Definitive System For Experts
    Who Want To Accomplish More
    In A Fraction Of The Time
    Surprisingly, there’s no fancy marketing name for this system because the truth is… we never really planned to sell it.

    Internally, we simply refer to it as the “Productivity Pack.”

    In fact, we only recorded the trainings in the first place because, after teaching it to a few members of the T&F team and witnessing their productivity take off...
    We knew we had to share this with our clients to help them get even better results - faster.

    The Productivity Pack training reveals my philosophy and system for to-do list creation, management and prioritization - on a monthly, weekly and daily level… as well as goal-setting and time-blocking for achievement-based outcomes.

    Whenever someone new joins our team now, this is literally the first thing we get them to go through.

    The system is so EASY to implement - you can be up and running before you’ve even finished watching the training videos.

    In fact, just to demonstrate to you how effective this system is, I’m going to share how it’s impacted 4 different team members with completely different roles.

    Ben - Director of Client Success
    “My first 5 months as Director of Client Success, I was doing okay. I was holding things together, clients were still getting results - but I was drowning in overwhelm. I wasn’t completely ineffective, but very reactive.

    At one point, I was transitioning one of my team members - so for a time I was doing my role AND my assistant’s role. And then add the birth of my 3rd child to the picture...

    There were a good 3 or 4 times over those months where Taylor had to convince me not to throw in the towel.

    “I started using this training in November and after a couple of consistent months it has literally changed me and my productivity like nothing else I’ve ever done.

    Before this, I’d tried time blocking and only taking calls on certain days - and it was helpful to a point. But it doesn’t empower you the way that this system does. Not all encompassing. More like a tactic vs a holistic system.

    I’m gaining more and more confidence because not only am I accomplishing every day, but doing that has put me and my team on a trajectory of getting better results for clients.

    It gives you this sense of being unbeatable. I’ve gotten to this point now where I actually feel like a Director.”
    Sloan - Project Manager
    “Before joining T&F, I was a project manager for a construction company that builds giant mansions in the Hamptons.

    So I came into this job thinking, ‘Well, I can build a giant mansion, surely I can build a webpage, product, whatever…’

    NIGHT AND DAY difference of what was expected here. The strategies I’d been implementing successfully the past 2.5 years weren’t satisfactory anymore.

    So I was working like 12 hours a day just to keep up, and for a while there it felt like I wasn’t seeing my wife or kid at all.”

    “So Taylor sent over the productivity pack. It took a while to get on it. I was half on for 2 weeks. Better but not great.

    Then, the past few weeks sticking to it as laid out in the videos, I feel like I’ve been killing it. Because of poor planning weeks ago, I had a product launch today that I was up working on til 2am last night.

    But because I had some of the strategies I was actually able to get 2 days of work done in about ⅔ of a day. A lot more output.

    It really helps you to be more in that mode of attacking the day vs being on the back foot and trying to defend.

    Plus there’s no more of that “Sunday Stress” before the week starts. I now go into Monday excited to get all this stuff done.”
    Ashton - Media Buyer
    “I was literally working 10-12 hours a day - I was getting things done but I wasn’t effective at all. And I was completely brain-dead after.

    I’ve never had an issue of not working hard enough or not working enough, it’s always been an issue of not working SMART enough and forcing myself to stop.”

    “I noticed when I started diving in, my work day would get over quicker. I can do the same amount of work, if not more ‘needle moving’ tasks, while working HALF the amount.

    It gets to 2:30-3:00pm and I’ve done everything I need for the day. Then I can study or shift into a more managerial mindset to support my team in hitting their KPIs.

    And it’s not just that we’re working less. We’re become so productive and effective that we’re ahead of our goals! And it’s a compound effect because the clarity you get when you’re ahead makes you even more effective.

    Ultimately this has been WAY healthier for me.”
    Robert - Copywriter
    “For four months I was down in the pits getting bashed around by due dates, and a thousand ideas that were clouding my focus. And I was working HARD… like 18-hour days, 6 days a week because the overwhelm sapped my effectiveness.

    Tasks would come back because I hadn’t done them well. So I’d have to go rewrite emails and other copy. And it’d all just pile on…”

    “Then Chris got us on this ‘effectiveness training,’ and in one week I wrote an entire 30-page sales letter and 17 emails!”

    And if that’s not proof enough this system works, check out...
    How Coaches, Consultants
    & Service Providers Are Already
    Profiting From This System
    The Productivity Pack is delivered via 2 training videos (totalling 1 hour 55 minutes). Plus a “crib sheet” reference to make implementing it dead-simple.

    You’ll watch as I walk you through the entire system - step-by-step - with examples of everything. You’ll be equipped with the very best method for planning your days, weeks and months that I’ve ever known.

    Within the first day of using it, you’ll already start feeling more focused and productive...

    A week in, you’ll notice yourself feeling more confident because you’re actually following through on things and starting to move the needle on your goals...

    And by the end of your first month, people will start asking...

    “How on earth do you have so much output? What are you doing to get so much important stuff done?”

    It's amazing how much things can change in such a short period of time...

    You can wrap-up each day - guilt-free - knowing that you've achieved more in the past few hours than you previously would've managed in the space of a week...

    And then still feel energized enough to enjoy your life outside of work.

    Even better are the effects on your bottom line, since you're accomplishing more things that actually generate CASH in your business.

    This training will reveal...
    • The “Push/Pull” strategy that immediately multiplies your effectiveness while making you almost bulletproof against burnout
    •  A critical piece you must have in your DAILY calendar to sustain and grow your confidence in accomplishing tasks (less than 1 in 1000 entrepreneurs do this - yet it’s a game-changer for your schedule)
    •  The “energy leech” latched onto most entrepreneurs brains… and the dead-simple way to protect yourself from it (easy fix, and super important if you feel like you’ve got no bandwidth left)
    •  My “Golden Standard” week and how to design your own so you can build momentum and focus within your business
    •  How to create your “daily map”... and the piece you must include every time to keep your focused trained in on what matters
    •  My exact “weekly review” process - after years of iteration this is the best version yet for course-correcting and stacking wins (effective “feedback mechanisms” like this are vital to your ability to produce)
    •  The one thing missing from your day that keeps your “runway for burnout” real short (Jay Abraham urged us to get this in place right away)
    •  The “3-3-3” process for moving the needle on your big, audacious goals (without having to “hustle hustle hustle”)
    •  The “cost of output” and why you must consider it when scheduling your day (any day I ignore this it’s a guaranteed stress trigger)
    The best part?

    While our clients have each paid upwards of $10k to get access to this system...

    You have the opportunity to discover what all the fuss is about WITHOUT paying that price tag.

    In fact, you can get it for FREE when you decide to try out our monthly “Insider’s Access” report today...

    Traffic & Funnels’
    “Insider’s Access” Monthly
    Two years ago, I made the decision to start giving away closely-held information about our business…

    ...our “playbook of secrets” if you will...

    And... I kinda didn’t tell Chris until the moment it launched.

    When he found out I only priced it at $7 - just enough to cover costs?

    He nearly lost his sh*t.

    (lol I think that’s why he wants to give away my productivity training for free - to get back at me for that).

    But it wasn’t without cause. I explained to him...

    “It’s just like what we teach people to do, give great information and advice and then in the future they will want to take our higher level trainings… etc. etc.”

    That’s how “Insider’s Access” Monthly came to exist (we casually refer to it as “the memos”).

    It’s a print AND digital newsletter we send out each month...

    And inside we package up experiments, frameworks, mistakes, home runs, mindset shifts, strategies and a whole lot more.

    It’s a behind-the-curtain look at everything going on in our business - and how you can take what’s working for us and install it in your business.

    Why 3,728 People Hover Around Their Mailbox At The Start Of Each Month
    “Insider’s Access” is a print AND digital newsletter we send out each month to coaches, consultants and service providers around the globe...

    And inside we package up experiments, frameworks, mistakes, home runs, mindset shifts, strategies and a whole lot more. 

    It’s a behind-the-curtain look at everything going on in our business (and some of our clients’ businesses) - and how you can take what’s working for us and install it in your own business.

    And when you choose to try out “Insider’s Access” Monthly today at zero-risk - you’ll get the full “Productivity Pack” training - ABSOLUTELY FREE!

    As a Traffic and Funnels "Insider"...
    • You’ll receive our 8 - 10 page “Inside Access” Report revealing what’s working and not working in our multi 7-figure business - delivered straight to your mailbox. Copy and paste our discoveries and watch your business make huge leaps
    •  Secure hot-off-the-press digital access to each “Insider’s Access” Report the moment it’s released (for if you simply can’t wait for the physical copy to arrive). Enjoy taking our brand new insights and applying to your business as soon as we publish them.
    •  Get exclusive access to our Client’s Businesses - watch as we grill one client every month on how they’ve grown from $10,000 a month in revenue to $30,000 - $250,000. (Discover what’s working for them and install it right into your business)
    •  Get exclusive access to our “close friends circle” We’re connected to some of the best marketers in the world. Imagine the insights you’ll get as we grill other 7-figure business owners about what’s working in their businesses.
    •  nstantly Download “Report 00” - inside we detail: “The Single Most Powerful Shift You Can Make Right Now to Become a “Wealthy” Coach, Consultant or Service Provider”
    •  “Insiders” only QA calls with Chris and I - Ask us anything you want about our business or yours
    •  Get our strategies, tactics and best practices - Want to know which one of our emails performed the best last month? Or which ad got the highest click through rate? Want to see what marketing campaign is working well for us? Available to only to “Insiders"

    And that’s not all…

    Today I’m going to really sweeten the deal.

    As a special bonus when you order today...
    A Free Gift to Super-Charge Your Productivity Even More...

    Access To One of the Most Valuable Trainings We've Ever Created
    It’s called the “Morning Formula.”

    This is something Chris and I have used religiously for several years now. The reason that’s so important is because if we didn’t use it...

    I’m not sure we’d have achieved even a fraction of what we have today.

    The “Morning Formula” has been a foundational part of our client program for the past 3 years, too. And a pivotal piece that helps our clients become a better version of themselves more capable of achieving their audacious goals.
     Simply put: it helps you bring your goals into existence and grow into the person you want to be - in a radically short timeframe.

    What’s more, this pairs with the Productivity Pack to make it even more impactful - it’s like a growth accelerant. (I talk about this during the training)

    This is the exact same training from inside our $12.5k+ program...

    And when you choose to try out Insider’s Access today - you get it FREE, too.

    Now, at this point you’re probably wondering what’s all this gonna cost?

    Well, the value of the Productivity Pack ALONE is tremendous. After all, this system has us producing at “full clip” inside Traffic & Funnels now. And our clients are making things happen faster than ever thanks to implementing this.

    Before now, the ONLY way anyone outside our team gained access to this system was by paying upwards of $10k to be a client.

    But you won’t pay even close to that today.

    My ORIGINAL plan was to make the Productivity Pack available on its own for $149…
    ...Chris, in some fit of madness, went ahead and made the “executive decision” to give it away free when someone claims a subscription to “Insider’s Access” from this page today.
    A one-year subscription to “Insider’s Access” goes for $79 (or $84 if paid monthly)...

    But you won’t even pay that...

    As part of a special one-time only offer, you have the opportunity to get it for a fraction of the price.

    Today you can try out Insider’s Access for just $49. That’s ~40% off, which works out to getting 5 months free.

    Now let me make something clear:

    It’s NEVER been this low before, and odds are it won’t happen again either.

    In fact, since this almost trivial price is a test, there’s a fair chance of us pulling this offer down at any moment.
    Are You Ready To Become An “Insider”?
    Here's Exactly What You Get When You Become An "Insider" Today For Just $49:
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    Here's all you need to do to become an insider right now:
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    Best of all, when you order today you lock in the special price for the lifetime of your subscription.
    But to make it even more of a no-brainer decision for you, I’m going to shoulder all the risk…
    Our 90 Day No-Risk Guarantee
    We’re so convinced you’ll love “Insider’s Access”, plus your Productivity Pack and Morning Formula trainings you’ll receive just moments from now…

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    Here’s why…

    I want you to take three whole months to see why this is the best $49 you’ll spend all year.

    Put the full Productivity Pack and Morning Formula to immediate use in your business, and be amazed just how quickly things shift.

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    ...then shoot us an email (support@trafficandfunnels.com) and we’ll cancel your subscription immediately and rush to refund 100% of your purchase price.

    And you can keep the monthly reports you’ve already received along with the Productivity Pack and Morning Formula trainings, just for trying us out.

    Which begs the question:
    “Are You Guys Just
    Throwing Away
    Obviously we’re taking a chance here, since we’re mailing out a physical product each month…

    But I think it’s worth the risk for 3 reasons:

    1. I’m CONFIDENT about the value of this offer. Even one small idea or distinction could be worth far beyond what you’ll invest today.

    And I’m convinced that - just like the other coaches, consultants and service providers who’ve been subscribed the past year or two - you’re gonna love it and want to remain an “Insider” for years to come.

    2. Not only that, we want to help impact as many lives as possible for the better. To show people exactly what’s possible for them and their families.

    3. Lastly, we’re convinced you’ll be so thrilled by what you see that one day you’ll consider becoming a client and having a deeper working relationship with us.

    But remember, this offer could disappear at any time. And that’s not me throwing in a BS marketing tactic to get you to act…

    Like I said, this is a physical product sent first-class to your mailbox each month.

    If at any point the economics of this offer don’t make sense, this page will vanish immediately.

    And with it, the only opportunity to grab the Productivity Pack outside of our high-ticket client programs.

    So if you’re ready to level up your effectiveness in your business - you’ll want to act fast.

    And besides, can you really afford NOT to get this handled right now?

    Seriously, put some thought into this…
    The Next 90 Days Will Pass In The Blink Of An Eye - Where Will Your Business Be At The End Of It?
    Will you be getting the same results you’ve been getting up until now?

    Not really moving the needle on anything that matters - but at least you’re managing to “stay afloat” (even if it means you’re working your ass off)?

    Fighting the growing stress while surrendering your life outside of work just to keep up with the demands of growing a business?

    Maybe even noticing that despite your hard work, other people are pulling ahead of you since they’re somehow accomplishing a LOT more than you seem capable...


    Will you be moving the needle each day on impactful projects and goals? Experiencing momentum, clarity and control you didn't think could exist?

    Feeling more confident than ever in your ability to FINISH things in your business... without all the stress and overwhelm?

    Forcing people to ask, What’s your secret? What changed? How are you making so much happen all of a sudden?!

    Look, the choice is yours.

    But if you want my advice...

    Take advantage of this special deal right now:

    Simply click the button below to become a Traffic And Funnels “Insider” today.

    - Taylor
    P.S. I hate Chris right now...

    After the hell we went through to develop it, now he thinks it’s a brilliant idea giving away my prized productivity philosophy and system - for free?! (Instead of the $149 pricetag I had planned already)

    I suggest you take advantage of this crazy offer before it disappears for good.

    Remember - this is the ONLY time we’ve made “Insider’s Access” available at a lower price…

    And the odds of us doing something like this again are slim.
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